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freeshell - 20MB web, 20MB POP3 mail, webmail, icq, chat, bboard,english  FTP  CGI & PHP Subdomain http://yourlogin.freeshell.org UNIX utilities

liquid2k -  25MB  english  CGI-BIN currently do not accept signups by those who use free web-based email address such as: hotmail.com , mail.com, email.com, usa.net , efuct.com and e-mail.com. /you

dreamwater - 50MB Free Web Space, Free Guestbook, Free Chat Board, Form Email, Web Page Templates, Clip Art, Search Engine Submission, subdomain http://yourname.dreamwater.com, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Hits

brinkster -  30MB web space, 500 MB/Mnth Data Xfer, no email,  english  /you

freewebz - 100MB english FTP CGI-BIN  Website Builder, Counters, Site Statistics, Form Mailer, Chat Rooms, 
Discussion  Forums, Guest Books, Photo Albums, Calendars, Site Promotion, Realtime Editing, CGI and PERL, Password Protection, DNS & Domain Hosting,http://www.freewebs.com/you

megspace - 50MB, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Hits No Annoying Pop-Up Banners, No Monthly Fees,,No Setup Charges,,Free Message Boards,Free Personal Guest Book,,Free Search Engine Submissions,,Free Easy to Use Upload Manager, Free Form Mailer,Free Site Builder,Fast Servers,"ITS ALL FREE FOR EVER" english  /you

sitepalace - 8MB, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Hits, Free Page Counter, FREE Submission to 300+ Search Engines, Free unlimited updates via our web form english /you

vector 1MB  FTP Subdomain

world-free - 15MB  english, free guestbook or a web board,  http://www.world-free.com/username/

freehomepages -  50MB  english, Unlimited hits, Unlimited bandwidth, Fast servers, Free Guestbook, Free Chat Board, Free Form Email, Web Page Builder, Web Page Templates, Unlimited Hits, Banners at the bottom of page only.  /you

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nowehg.hoga.pl - 50MB  polish FTP FrontPage CGI & PHP  /you

dingojunction - 10MB  english  FTP ASP /you

maxi-web -  10MB english FTP Browser FrontPage PHP & MySQL /you

spaceports - UNLIMITED - english CGI,PHP,MySQL Subdomain

websamba - 30MB english  FTP ASP  /you

xoasis - 20MB  english CGI & PHP Subdomain

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Crosswinds 999+ Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Free unlimited web-based...

anzwers - UNLIMITED english FTP-/you

freeweb.hu - 999MB hungarian Email Subdomain

gizba - 500MB english /you

internations - textlink 100MB english -/you

netcolony - 100MB english /you

virtue - 100MB english FTP FrontPage - Subdomain

0catch - 100MB english -/you

100megsfree - 100MB english FTP /you

envy - 100MB english FTP -/you

FortuneCity 100 Mb. Banner ad at top of each page. Browser or FTP uploads. Selected CGI scripts are available.

Dreamwater Free Web Space 50+ MB with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Free web-based e-mail.

Tripod - 50 MB. Banner or popup ad on each page. FTP uploads. Free web-based e-mail account. CGI with support...

VirtualAve.net 20 Mb. Popup or banner ads on each page. FTP uploads. Unlimited e-mail forwarding; 24/7 tech support....

Nettaxi.com Driving Your Internet Experience with Premium Web Search, FREE Email, Web Directory, Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Programs, and much more! 25 Mb. Banner ad each page. FTP or browser uploads. Free POP3 or web-based e-mail account.

netfirms - 20MB english FTP CGI-BIN Subdomain

Homestead 12Mb; Banner at bottom of each page. Browser uploads. URL: 'homestead.com/yoursite/'

freehost.nu - 5MB english -/you

sphosting - 35MB english /you

cfm-resources - 30MB english FTP -/you

20megs - 20MB english /you

50megs - 50MB english -/you

9cy - 20MB english -/you

angelcities - 20MB english Subdomain

aol - 25MB english -/you

bobsville - 12MB english -/you

chattown - 5MB english -/you

ProHosting's 15 Mb. No forced ads or links. FTP uploads. Free e-mail. Full support for CGI/SSI.

dencity - 20MB english Browser -/you

eccentrix - 25MB english /you

fateback - 60MB english FTP-/you

freewebsites - 50MB english FTPCGI-BIN /you

esmartstart - banner20MBenglishFTP-/you

entry.home.ch - 50MB french FTP -/you

finitesite - textlink 15MB english /dir/you

folksites-1MB english /you

formosa - 5MB chinese FTPCGI-BIN Subdomain

fortunecity - 20MB english Browser Subdomain

freebox - 20MB english FTP-/you

freepage.de - 20MB german FTP Browser /you

freeservers - 12MB english Browser /you

fw.cz - 10MB czech FTP /you

galore - english -/dir/you

graffiti - 20MB english -/you

gurl.com - 20MB english Browser-/you

htmlpublishing - textlink 5MB english -/dir/you

icq.com - 20MB english -Subdomain

indosentris - 10MB english CGI & SSL Subdomain

infhost - 10MB english /dir/you

intercosmos - 25MB english FTP - Subdomain

netomia - 60MB english /you

netscape - 11MB english FTP /you

oamweb - 5MB english /you

ournet - 2MB FTP


Angelfire 5-30 Mb. Choice of pop-up or on-page ads. FTP or Browser uploads. Free web-based e-mail.

Hypermart.net - 20 Mb. Popup or banner ad on each page. Free web-based e-mail. CGI with support for SSI and SSL. Also offer free domain hosting. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.hypermart.net/'.

SourceForge   - Free hosting for open source projects - offers CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking, forums, task management, 100Mb webhosting with MySQL, yournamehere.sourceforge.net, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration.


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